“In the book Icons of England I named the Malvern Hills as my favourite place in England. I could have also said that St Ann’s Well cafe is my favourite place on the hills. It is unique, it is a treasure, it is fully in keeping with the hills, and is a sustainable enterprise. PS I recommend the chocolate cake!” Benjamin Zephaniah

“I’ve visited several times, and always there are people there expressing pleasure and surprise at its existence. It enhances the unique, quaint, and joyous atmosphere of Malvern and the Hills…” Martin Shaw

“St Ann’s Well & Cafe – a perfect spot for a delicious and very peaceful lunch after the vertical challenge” Cotswold Style Magazine


Brilliant. Faultless. Slow service that’s worth waiting for. All prepared to order. Ask for a glass and you can drink the water till it comes out of your ears!! (remember this is the same stuff that is bottled on the other side of the hill and costs a fortune)

Had a fabulous selection of vegan cakes/snacks/soup & herb teas available when we visited (Sat pm). Such a sun trap, with outdoor seating and they use the actual spring water for their hot drinks! Open every day after Easter weekend. The cafe is all veggie with vegan options. I had fresh tomato and basil soup (best I’d ever had!) There are 3 soups daily, sandwiches and fab cakes including vegan. Lots of drinks and soya milks available. Due to hilly location it is quite uneven with paths and steps. You can have free water from the fountain. Pets welcome too! Open 12-3 daily in summer months, restricted opening times in winter months.

What a great find! Although not local, we had no trouble finding this beautifully situated cafe nestling into the hillside. The cafe was closing when we arrived but stayed open a bit longer so that we could enjoy a fabulous homemade veggie burger. Do check on the opening times before you go, as it is a long old climb!

This is a wonderful cafe perched towards the top of the hills, wonderful atmosphere and great views.

Very Friendly with a homely feel to it. I was surprised that meals were limited but we had soup and rolls and it was great to have vegan chocolate cake and coffee with soya milk.

Lovely location and very friendly, helpful staff.

St. Ann’s Well is a delightful and charming 100% vegetarian and vegan café set up in the Malvern Hills, just above Great Malvern town (requires a short walk up a steep hill!).


There is a good selection of generously-portioned soups and bread, some of which are always vegan, and a good range of cakes, usually two or three of which are vegan.

Occasionally their delicious vegan orange cake is available, but not on display – you have to be “in the know” and ask! Soya milk available.


This is like some kind of fairytale elves house, built into the side of the Malvern hills. It makes a particularly nice place to take a rest from your walk in summer, as there is plenty of outdoor seating available, which is just aswell because inside there is only seating for about 12 at one time. There is a pretty little pond out at the front that children and dogs love to play in, and the views across Worcestershire are beautiful. There is also a spring that spouts pure Malvern water out of fishes mouth into a giant seashell which is free to drink and most welcome on a hot day. The food is almost all home made and delicious, even if there isn’t a great deal of choice.

This is a lovely little cafe that can be reached after a short, but steep climb. You really feel like you’ve earned your fayre when you reach it. It has a simple menu of delicious soups and baguettes, but the real treats are the cakes, with the vegan chocolate cake being a favourite. It is also a delight to be able to fill your glass directly from the spring. The only downside is that it is closed during the week in the Winter.

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