Our Menu

We are dedicated to providing wholesome food in a unique and tranquil location.

Meals are served at lunchtime and into the early afternoon and the rest of the day you can enjoy beverages and our delicious homemade cakes. You can either sit inside the café or, weather permitting, at one of the tables outside.

Meals (Served between 12-3pm)
Homemade Soup of the Day
Soup of the Day served with Bread £4.95 V VN
Vegetable Chilli
A Warming Bowl of Vegetable Chilli £5.50 V VN
Freshly Made Sandwiches
Hummus & Salad Sandwich £3.80 V VN
Cheese & Salad Sandwich £3.80 V
Cheese & One Filling Sandwich £3.60 V
Egg & Salad Sandwich £3.80 V
Egg Mayo Sandwich £3.80 V
Vegan Cream Cheese Sandwich £3.80 VN
Spicy Snacks
Pakora & Chutney £4.50 V VN GF
Onion Bhaji & Chutney £4.50 V VN
Toasted Teacakes
Toasted Teacakes served with Jam and Butter £2.50
Homemade Cakes
Chocolate Fudge Cake £2.90 VN
Carrot Cake £2.90 VN
Coffee Cake £2.90 VN
Apple and Almond Cake £2.90
Chocolate Crumb Cake £2.00
Flapjack £2.00
Ice Creams and Ice Lollies
Bennetts Farmhouse Luxury Ice Cream £2.20 V L
Coco Nutters Vanilla Snowconut Sticks £2.00 VN
Swedish Glace (Vanilla or Strawberry) £2.00 VN
Calippo (Orange) £1.10 GF
Americano £2.20
Latte £2.40
Cappuccino £2.40
Tea per pot £2.00
Speciality Tea per pot £2.10
Dandelion Coffee £2.00
Dandelion Latte £2.40
Hot Chocolate £2.50
Bottled Water £1.00
Elderflower Cordial £1.10
Cans (Pepsi, Lemonade, Rio) £1.00
Cawston Press Elderflower Lemonade £1.50
Cawston Press Cloudy Apple £1.50
Fruit Juice 80p

Soya milk available on request.

V – Vegetarian, VN – Vegan, GF – Gluten Free, WF – Wheat Free, L – Locally Sourced

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